Special Effects Lighting Boards

Computer Chip based

6 - 16 V DC

LEDs Never Burn Out

Bring your layout to life with my Special Effects Lighting Boards. By using computer chip technology, I'm able to make these light boards available at a price that everyone can afford. My boards don't use different transistors, capacitors, timers, etc to produce the effects. One small computer chip (a PIC 508A) is programmed to do everything. By using the same components and PC board for all the variations, manufacture is simplified and costs are reduced.

Compare my boards with any others and you'll find they can't be beat in cost and quality.


Microchip driven.
Easy to use, screw terminals that ensure solid wire connections and ease of mounting
Runs on any DC power supply from 6 - 16 Volts.
High Quality LEDs never burn out.
Simple to use. Attach wires and plug into a power supply.

The Ironpenguin Guarantee

I know it's hard to buy someting visual like these boards without seeing them. However, I'm absolutely confident that you'll like them, as all my customers have, so here's my guarantee: If you don't like it, send it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

Effects Boards Available

ArcWelder - $13.95

Simulates the bright, random flashes of an arc welder or industrial process. Mount under a car or inside a building to create a realistic effect. 3mm (T1)White LED. Load and View MPG file (241k)

Light House Beacon - $13.95

Simulates the rotating of a Light House beacon. The light stays on at a low level between the realistic "flares" every 5 seconds. 1206 SMD White LED. (Custom programming available to simulate specific light house.)

Camp Fire $13.95

Simulates random flicker of a campfire. Use for hobo camp, fireplace, etc. Orange SMD LED.

Tower Beacon $14.95

Simulates the older style tower beacon that turns on and dims more gradually than the modern strobe-type lights. Cycles about every two seconds, with a slight pause between. 1.5 mm Red LED.
These look great on the Showcase Miniature's Radio Tower, water tanks, smokestacks, etc.

Dual Tower Beacons - $14.95

Alternating "old style" beacons designed for adjacent towers and oil/water tanks. Two 1.5 mm Red LEDs burn alternately.

Modern 3 Red Strobe Tower Beacon - $14.95

Simulates 3 modern red "strobes" that flash quickly in order from ground to top of tower. Uses 3 Red SMD LEDs. These look great on the Showcase Miniature's Radio Tower.

Dual Red Emergency Flashers - $14.95

Older style, non-strobe flashers to simulate fire engine/police car lights, crossing guards, highway barrier, etc. Two 1.5mm Red LEDs flash alternately. (Four LEDs total.)
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